So far, by God's grace

Sunday, March 8, 2015


It is sad reality that I live in a country where in some states, it is safer to be a cow than a woman. If you are found buying, selling or possessing beef, you can be sentenced to 5 years in prison!!  What??

It is a sad reality that many (not all) Indian men believe that there is no place for women in our country and that rape is inevitable if a woman chooses to walk outside after dark or in the company of a man who is not her father, brother or husband.

It is a sad reality that sharing my faith with my friends would be considered attempts at "forced conversion" by some in power. Mother Teresa was accused of "conversion"!!

It is a sad reality that "image" matters more than truth in my country.

"What will people say?" 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jealousy vs Peace

I read a pregnancy announcement on a blog today and felt a pang of jealousy.

It's not a new feeling. It pokes its ugly head around for me whenever I see or hear of someone being pregnant or having their  2nd or third child. It stays for a little while making my smile uncomfortable smiles as I worry over whether my expression is giving away what I truly feel inside. Its worse when I walk into a medical store (pharmacy) and see tablets labelled "Unwanted 72". That puts me into a tearing rage!

The pang of jealousy soon turns into self pity.  "Why am I putting my little girl through life as a single child... something I myself hated so much?" And then if I let that feeling linger, it festers into something grotesque. I begin turning into a cynical creature I can barely recognize in the mirror.


If I pause to let myself think about the creator of life , and set my eyes on the author and perfecter of my faith, the jealousy fades. I realize that there is more to it than meets my feeble eye!

Peace washes over me when I allow it to.